WFH Playlist to Boost Your Remote Work Vibes

wfh playlist

By now, everyone knows about the coronavirus (COVID-19), and many companies and organizations have instilled new work-from-home policies (WFH) to combat this pandemic. These social distancing policies have been created to “flatten the curve”, or decrease the infection rate, and avoid overwhelming hospitals. We can debate on and on about the pros and cons of remote work, but for now, remote work is the name of the game and we’ve got the perfect WFH playlist to keep you company. New information is coming every day, so be sure to check with the CDC website to verify news from the media.

WFH Playlist

Check Out our Spotify WFH Playlist

With WFH quickly becoming the new norm, this unexpected transition to remote work can feel stressful and downright boring. But don’t worry! Rise has been remote since Day One and we know a thing or two about WFH. We’ve got your back with this good vibes WFH playlist to boost your morale and get you excited for a productive day of self-quarantine. 

We’ve Got Different Songs for Different Moods

For that morning motivation, wake up to some “My Type” by Saint Motel to set your type of good day into motion. Or, live out your Adventures in Babysitting rom-com dreams by dancing to “Then He Kissed Me” by The Crystals (Make sure to sing into that hairbrush for the full effect).

Empower yourself with songs like “thank you, next” by Ariana Grande, “The Man” by Taylor Swift. Embrace that strong, independent woman within you, sit comfy on the couch with your mug of coffee and be your own boss to the tune of these songs.

Of course, other than the Arianators and Swifties out there, I also have to give a shout out to some other inspiring female singers. Starting out with Demi Lovato (only going up since her Camp Rock Era), to some of my favorite singers today, Lizzo, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Dove Cameron, Doja Cat, and Dua Lipa. All of these beautiful voices are changing the entertainment industry and are providing women with the opportunity to walk to the beat of their own drums. Any song from any of these artists are sure to get you ready for an energizing day of at-home-work and discovering new hobbies. 

Don’t worry! Our WFH playlist would not be complete without throwbacks! The songs in this playlist are some more contemporary bops, but for those nostalgic hits, Spotify has some fantastic playlists by the decades. You can also listen to your top songs of the past years, or change your music vibes with the “Tastebreakers” playlist made just for you.

WFH is an Opportunity to Slow Down

Remember! Try to take advantage of this time off from work and value the amount of art you can finally consume. Listen to that album or podcast you didn’t get a chance to while taking your first destressing bath in a year. Watch that show or read that book everyone’s been talking about! In reality, working remotely can give you more time to focus on yourself with a much more flexible schedule. One thing is for sure though, by the end of this break, this playlist will be the first you turn to for a boost of motivation and confidence to get you through the day. Stay safe out there!

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