12 Unique Corner Design Ideas to Complete Your Space

12 Unique Corner Design Ideas to Complete Your Space

Whether you’re working remotely or just looking for house improvement tips, these unique ideas will help you make the most out of the empty corners in your home.

1. Keep it light & bright

When lighting a corner, it’s important to think about what you are trying to achieve. If you need to provide extra lighting for the room, a torchiere, which will project light up and out, might be your best option. But, if you are creating a more intimate space, an adjustable LED lamp will provide the perfect amount of light for reading your favorite book. A creative option is to hang a pendant light from the ceiling which will not only give you the light you need, it will also allow you to make a more dramatic design statement. – Chuckanut Lighting

2. Make it interchangeable

Invest in some foldable bean bag chair backs, meditation cushions, and blankets so you can use them to journal, practice yoga, or simply hang out and relax. – Denelle Yoga

3. Set up a propagation-station

A sunny corner near a window is the perfect spot for a propagation station to create more of your favorite plants. Place a small table in the corner and layer glassware and clear bud vases on top. Activate the height of your room by adding wall-mounted stations above the table. Fill the glasses with water and clippings of your plants to start growing. You can bring in your own style by including your favorite art pieces or by creating a reading nook with a chair and floor lamp. – Emily Lauren Interiors

4. Combine entertainment & relaxation

Entertainment and relaxation are both equally important in personal development, so we find it helpful to incorporate both elements into a safe space. Filling part of your yoga and meditation corner with leisure-lending items, like magazines or your favorite book, while leaving the rest open makes the space feel personalized but it still maintains its sacred value. In that way, your corner serves as both a reminder of your journey and a blank slate for what’s to come. – Vivian Chen, CEO & Founder of Rise

5. Set the mood

Set the mood with dim lights, a meditation bolster, candles, and an essential oil diffuser for the ultimate zen vibe. If you’re fancy, add a crystal bowl for the most amazing sound bath before or after your meditation. – Hotsource Yoga

6. Create a calming space

To create a yoga or meditation corner, include unique and simple elements that bring you joy or peace. Such as your favorite flower or plant, a small art journal, something comfortable to sit or lie on, or framed pictures (of inspirational quotes, artwork, or loved ones). – Mindful Creative Muse

7. Incorporate houseplants

With houseplants soaring in popularity many homeowners are discovering the natural beauty and aesthetics that an easy to care for houseplant such a Leuconeura “Prayer Plant” or Monstera “Split Leaf” combined with new and trendy styles of indoor pottery can add to their home. Lois from Tillandsia& in Leola, PA recommends that houseplant beginners stay away from the ever-popular Ficus Lytrata “Fiddle Leaf Fig” due to its need for precise care to prevent the leaves from developing large brown spots and instead focus on easier to care varieties. – Tillandsia&

8. Rest & Reset

Unique, sleek meditation chairs, combined with faux wood flooring and succulents, accented in a cool gray and blue color palette, deliver an instant dose of comfortable and calm. Add Do-Terra “Balance” essential oil to your infuser, play your favorite guided meditation or sound bath; now you’re ready to rest and reset. – M2 Well-Being

9. Keep things sacred, but efficient

The key to creating your home yoga/meditation space is to make it sacred, keep it simple, and efficient. Adorn your corner with a Sacred symbol, add your mat, block, strap, and bolster. Keep your space in minimalist efficiency. – Namasté, Deb at Yoga For Life 

10. Make it simple

The simplest corner design idea of them all: Keep it simple. All you need for yoga is yourself. Throw down your mat with a small pillow and let your body find rest. – Yoga Heights DC

11. Find peace

For yourself and your little ones, resting in your space with eye pillows or cucumbers on your eyes is a wonderful way to relax, especially with relaxing music in the background, like this special “Redfin Mindfulness Nook Playlist” on Spotify. Play at any time to bring calm into your space. For children, setting up a tent is a great place for them to escape and unwind. You can also create a special “Mindfulness Creative Corner” for activities such as a “Rest Your Mind Jar” to help calm a busy, buzzy brain. Books and mindful cards for children and families are helpful, such as “Yoga Pretzels,” and “Mindful Reminders” to help them build resilience. Nourish your senses, body, and mind by creating a cosy, nurturing, mindful nook in your home. Decorate your space with your favourite cushions, pillows, blankets, an eco-friendly yoga mat, and props like a singing bowl, plants, and succulents. Add aromatherapy to your space with scents like peppermint and lavender in oil diffusers, essential oils, and candles. – HERE: Here For You, For Them

12. Maximize lighting

You can decorate with lighting in two ways. 1) Start with the lighting, and build around it, or 2) End with the lighting, and place the light like a diamond on a piece of jewelry. Not only lighting the corner is important, being the soul of the space, but the selection of the lighting fixture itself will create the style. “Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space, it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors,” interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz for Elle Decor –D’Lightus

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