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Rise’s Radical Renegade is a monthly series featuring interviews with trailblazing career mavens. Meet Brielle Friedman & Anya Katsevman, co-founders of Go Deeper, a dance and movement class. 

Brielle Friedman and Anya Katsevman both have a deep passion for dancing and salsa. Back in 2018, Friedman started a dance and lifestyle blog called Vitamin B and most recently won the 2019 World Salsa Summit Rising Star Championship. As for Anya Katsevman, she is a two time world champion choreographer dancer performance coach. But most importantly, both co-created and founded Go Deeper here in NYC.

Brielle Friedman


Brielle Friedman, co-founder of Go Deeper dance.

With two salsa world champions as your dance instructors you know you this class is going to be loads of fun and cardio. Two friends, each with unique strengths- one the healer, the other the business-mind/idea-generator- partnered together to create a MOVEMENT class to help people to connect with themselves. By connecting with oneself first, finding comfort and confidence with own body, allows each person to show up for others in their life.

What is it like being a dancer?

“Dancers know the pure emotional and physical joy that dance provides. Dancers also know that movement is one of the easiest ways to express oneself; non-dancers don’t know how to communicate via movement or how to express their ‘power’ through dance.”

Anya Katseveman


Anya Katsevman, co-creator of Go Deeper dance.

How do you go about helping others with dance?

“In order to show up for others in our life, we need to be vulnerable. But being vulnerable is scary; dancing/movement is one of the easiest ways for us to get out of our heads and express our truth. If we practice being vulnerable and expressing ourselves in a safe-space, we will benefit from getting out of our heads (meditation) and the hope is that expression will get easier and we will feel like the most authentic version of ourselves.”

Brielle Friedman


Brielle Friedman, co-founder of Go Deeper dance.

“Through movement, we can express ourselves, build confidence and authenticity and thus curate a lifestyle that feels intrinsically right .”

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