Reasons to Work From Home: Fun Things to Do When You’re the Boss

Reasons to Work From Home: Fun Things to Do When You’re the Boss

One of the best reasons to work from home is that you get to create your own schedule! But what will you do with all your newfound free time? We’ve got a couple of ideas to help you start building your stay-at-home dream board!

Reasons to Work From Home: Practical Advice

We’re all about having fun here at Rise. But we also can’t deny that there are some practical reasons to quit your typical nine-to-five job (in addition to the uber fun ones below)

  • People Who Work From Home Are More Productive

We’ve said it before (and we’ll probably say it again) but people who work from home are more productive than those who are chained to a cubicle all day. Want to increase productivity and feel better about yourself? Consider a non-traditional work schedule.

  • You’ll Use Fewer Vacation and Sick Days

If you get to choose your own schedule, you can schedule your work around doctor’s visits, parent/teacher nights and other ‘personal day’ errands. 

  • Never Wait in Line Again

Who wants to go to Trader Joe’s after 5 p.m. or on a Saturday? No one! When you work from home, you get to go to the grocery store at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday (hot tip: that’s when you’ll find us scoring free samples at TJoes!). You’ll also discover you no longer despise the DMV and pharmacy. 

  • Save on Child and Pet Care

You’re supposed to take micro-breaks every 90 or so minutes. What better way to ‘break’ than to walk the dog or have a cup of tea with your middle schooler? Working from home means you don’t need to pay someone else to do those things.

Reasons to Work From Home: Fun and Games

Without further ado, we now bring you all the fun reasons to work from home!

  • Go Ahead and Schedule That Conference Call From the Nail Salon

If you don’t need to be in the office for a call, why not multitask by getting a pedi while you’re strategizing with your team? If you’re not into nail art, you could also get reflexology or a chair massage while multitasking. 

  • Take a Five-Day Weekend (or an Impromptu Vacation)

When you only need to answer to yourself, you can work wherever (and whenever) you want. You could conceivably take that important call from your balcony overlooking the beach. Or, just get all of your work finished in two days (maybe pull a 14-hour workday?) instead of five. Use one of your extra days to research cheap last-minute flights.

  • Catch Up on the Real Housewives

No judgment! We would never set hard-and-fast limits on what you should and shouldn’t do with all your newfound free time! 

Binge “Stranger Things” or get sassy with those Real Housewives. After all, you do happen to have something in common with those lovely ladies now: you can spend your afternoons shopping, napping and lunching if you darn-well please.

Just another day in the life of a freelancer.

  • Drink Bubbly With Lunch

We do recommend drinking a responsible amount of bubbly with your lunch — especially if you have late-afternoon meetings on your calendar. But you could conceivably have a glass of wine or two if you’re planning on meeting someone special for lunch (or just taking yourself out to celebrate your independence).

  • Beat the 3 PM Slump With Yoga

We hardly remember the 3 p.m. slump. Because we haven’t experienced it since we left the #officelife. Now when the crew at Rise gets sleepy, cranky and hangry at 3 p.m., we hit the gym for a little light stretching. Want to take it to a whole new level? Just take a nap instead.

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