Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

As the US declares a national emergency and the urgency of social distancing continues, companies are mandating that their employees work from home. For those that are not used to this idea, it can be seen as a challenge. While the current situation might feel suffocating, we’re diving int some major pros and cons of working from home

Unless you are a consultant or freelancer, this ordeal will feel like a brand new world. One without structure or order. But this is nothing to fear, below we’ve included some pros and cons to set the record straight on working from home. Let’s face it, even after COVID-19, WFH will likely be the future of how we work here on out.

working from home


  1. No commute – This can help you save time and money instead of going to and from work during traffic. All you have to do is wake up from bed and start as early as brushing your teeth.
  2. Save money from eating at home- You can now save money and finally let those good groceries not go to waste. 
  3. Greater flexibility-You are going to have more free time and flexibility to catch up on that pile of clothes building up or even by filling out the census when you can. 
  4. Less stress- Sometimes going into work daily and being around others who have stressful personalities can cause you stress, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry anymore. Take this time to relax, improve your wellness and mental health all while working from home. 
Working from home


  1. You are in need of more structure- Sometimes working from home can feel like we are on vacation, but even when there seems to be so much negative news all around us. Remember that you are not alone.
  2. It can be lonely-Thankfully social media and technology and help us seem less lonely. Be sure to pick up the phone and call your family member or friend who you’ve been meaning to with lately. 
  3. Relationships are harder to form- It may seem harder to form trust between colleagues when working remotely, but having bi-weekly video chats or even virtual coworking can really help with building more trust. 
  4. You lose living space- Sometimes working at home can seem like you can’t enjoy your private sanctuary of your home. So maybe try making your bed every morning, and resorting to one area in your home to work out of.

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