Meditation Studios in NYC: Mindfulness During the Work Day

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A community space of relaxation can be hard to find in the work day, especially in NYC. The awareness of meditation studios in NYC are arising more and more in the modern workplace. After continuously hearing that mindfulness through meditation is the key to success and productivity, I knew I had to at least give it a try!

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Inscape is a luxurious community space of meditation, relaxation and self-care. The entrance of the building is a store filled with various self-care products. Behind the shop counters, there is a lounge of drinks, cards, and inspirational accessories to wind down before your class. I began relaxing in a beanbag chair with a hot cup of tea and a book.

Inside The Dome

As I entered the Dome, the incredibly vibrant ceiling and elaborate colors immediately caught my attention. The Dome is a soundproof room of small cushions and seats, haven to the meditation classes. I found a comfy place to sit and laid down with a blanket, fully captivated by the bright colors.

The Dome at Inscape - Meditation spots NYC
The Dome: Image via Inscape

A guided audio recording begins the class with instructions for various breathing techniques and light stretches, followed by a long period of silence. A soothing yet ethereal voice known as Skye controls the prerecorded audio track. The consistent and neutral tone intends to achieve full focus on the experience. However, it was slightly strange to hear a recording to meditate.

Meditation On The Go

These guided relaxation and meditation sessions are available on the Inscape app, ideal for people on the move. For busy workers and remote freelancers, having easy access to wellness and relaxation sessions is vital! Khajak Keledijian, the founder of Inscape, has put his focus into meditation to balance his wellness with his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Inscape Meditation Spots - Meditation Studios NYC
Image via Inscape

As a worker, student, athlete and so much more, my busy schedule does not always allow time for self-care. So guided practices accessible on an app sounds pretty ideal for me!

After leaving my meditation session feeling relaxed and recharged, I was ready to take on the rest of my day!

I found my meditation class even helped me sleep better. With such a busy lifestyle, work and school always comes first, leaving sleep to be neglected. Benefits in sleep and productivity are key selling points for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The easy and lavish experience also alludes to younger generations who are always on the move. Especially with the option for guided meditation, it’s perfect for those like me with no prior experience. Connecting with meditation studios in NYC might just be your ideal midday break!

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