Lessons From a First Year Freelancer

Lessons From a First Year Freelancer

The traditional 9-to-5 job has gradually been falling in the ranks as the most common type of job style. A growing number of workers, especially Millennials, intend to have a more flexible work and life balance through freelance and consultative type jobs ensuring the freedom to navigate around their life events. Willing to work whenever and wherever they are needed, this breed is quickly rising as the dominant force in the talent pool.

Leaving the comfort of a full-time job can be a scary leap to take. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be. A shift in thinking of how people work now-a-days has been greatly influenced by how technology allows for a virtual relationship and makes the sharing of information seamless.

1. Grow your network and plug-in

The relationships you build can be the key to your success. Connect yourself with like minded individuals and plug into a community. Surround yourself with others who are just as motivated and enthusiastic about the work they are doing. This will lead you to stay productive and focused on your goal.

Building relationships and working with an array of talented individuals brings growth. These learning opportunities will expose you to exciting projects you may not have had the chance to work on otherwise. Don’t be afraid to lean in for support when you have questions or need someone else’s opinion – that’s what a community is for.

2. Embrace the challenge

When you first start out, you’ll be willing to take on whatever work you can get your hands on. Though you may have your share of questionable projects, choose to see everything as a challenge and an opportunity to learn. Take the work you were assigned and own it! There will always be challenging situations along the way and each will look different from the one before. Getting through these learning curve moments will only better equip you to take on new projects in the future. They will give you confidence in knowing that you are able to handle any task thrown your way.

3. Bring your work with you

Thanks to technology, the ability to network, find work, and to connect with others has evolved and allowed for new avenues of communication. Tools are launched constantly that facilitate remote work. There are numerous platforms that connect people and their different experiences allowing the best talent to get the job done from just about anywhere.

As you learn and share, you will notice your experience maturing and evolving. As more people and companies turn to independent work, the way we connect and get projects done will also evolve. When you look back, you will realize just how much intention and purpose has been dedicated towards your goals.

Always do your best. Build relationships. Keep learning and growing. Check out more tips from Brad @ Medium.

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