Instead of that second cup of coffee, take a nap


It was the afternoon dessert that sent me over the edge. But The Dreamery came to the rescue.

I was making the most out of a sunny Manhattan day with a leisurely lunch and cocktail, strolling and then that afternoon dessert. It was marvelously delicious and immediately sent me into a full-blown food coma. It was the kind that leaves you seeming functional but too sluggish to comprehend an Instagram caption even after a cup of coffee.


With 90 minutes before my next appointment and the caffeine unable to overcome my sleepiness, what I really wanted was a quick nap. 

I stepped into The Dreamery at Casper expecting that a Manhattan nap pod would resemble a hostel. Instead it was more like a tranquil spa. From the moment I stepped in, the soft lighting and quiet lounge was a respite from the hustle and bustle outside. 

Upon check-in, I got a set of pajamas and a delightful set of face products:


I stepped into their changing rooms to get ready for epic relaxation – shedding my jeans for PJs and slippers,  then brushing my teeth with their charcoal toothbrush and washing my face (the full suite of cleanser/serum so mission critical for me feeling like I was ready for bed!) 

Once I was ready, they led me to my nap pod:


It was absolutely perfect. The bed soft but not too soft, the room pitch black and quiet once I turned off the light, and the temperature just cold enough that you want to snuggle tightly in the cozy blanket (somewhat counterintuitively, cooling body temperature is what gets your body ready for sleep). Cleary, the folks at Dreamery have done their research about how to optimize a sleep experience. 

I was surprised by how quickly I fell asleep. It usually takes me 30 mins to feel drowsy, so I was expecting it to be relaxing rest. Instead, I woke up 45 minutes later (they wake you by turning on the light slowly, so there is no jarring alarm) with no idea what continent I was on or what year it was.  

Luckily, you can stay in the lounge for as long as needed afterwards. After cleaning up (is it excessive to brush your teeth and wash your face twice within an hour? Probably. Did it feel amazing? Yes), I changed back into my clothes and caught up on emails while enjoying some snacks and cold brew. 


I have never felt so recharged so quickly! Numerous studies point to a cognitive boost after napping across various populations – from undergrads to astronauts. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find both the physical and mental space to do this during the day. Even if we know that the post-nap efficacy is worth it. 

So next time you’re feeling sluggish and headed for a second cup of coffee, consider taking a nap instead

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