How to Host a Remote Meeting Successfully

How to Host a Remote Meeting Successfully

Hosting a virtual, remote meeting is not impossible or unreliable. All you need is a laptop, the perfect software and some pants. Because we all know that most of us working at home right now means we are wearing the same pjs since Sunday.

Remote Meeting

When it comes to hosting a remote meeting, first things first is to find a third party platform you trust. You can pick some from the list below of our favorites. 

  1. Slack – is an instant messaging tool for teams. It’s free and makes communicating easy. ⁣
  2. Toggl – is a time management tool. WFH you realize you work without colleague distractions, so it’s important to manage your time. ⁣
  3. Calendly – Calendly makes organizing meetings effortless. Setup your slots and encourage conversations. ⁣
  4. Zoom – Zoom is the most powerful tool for group videos, integrate it to your meetings and hit record whenever.
  5. Otter – Otter is great for transcribing any call. It’s a newish tool and saves your hours of taking notes. ⁣
  6. Notion – Notion makes it easy to manage projects. Back to basics interface with collaborating options. ⁣
  7. Micro – Miro is a collaborative online white board making it easy to brainstorm anything in real time. ⁣

Now that you have your favorite tools set-up, now it’s time to make sure your team and employees are set for virtual meetings from here on out. 

Make sure you send a calendar invite that works with everyone’s schedule. If this certain time/day works for you all, then make it weekly or bi-weekly so that your team can make sure they leave their schedule open for this stand-up meeting. 

It’s important that teams and companies stay on top of their employees and manage remotely when possible. But also remember, that in this specific pandemic happening that many workers are not only working from home or may have children to tend to who are off of school and daycare. This time can be challenging, but as long as everyone is understanding and forgiving, this whole working from home will only get easier.

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