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Why Do So Many People Want to Change Careers?

People seek out change in their careers for various reasons. They could be looking for prestige, independence, more flexible hours, creativity, higher income, advancement or some other satisfaction from their work life. It’s possible that their career values and goals have shifted from what they used to be.

There may not be neon signs pointing down from the heavens telling you exactly which direction to go (to stay or not to stay). But you sense that all is not right. There are some warning signs that could indicate that you’ve reached a point in your career where you need to make a transition. 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is the question we’re burdened with from a very young age. We’re forced to declare a major that is supposed to set out our path and most don’t really even know what it is they want to do at this age. Many change majors and explore different avenues while in college.

It’s not an easy task for those who had this epiphany later on in life. What happens when you’re years into your chosen field and realize that it’s not what you want to do. You simply don’t want to continue focusing your time and energy into something that doesn’t drive you. You can’t start interning or go back to an assistant level position because let’s face it, rent and food ‘don’t come cheap’ and that could be a huge step back from where you are now.

“A surprising number of women desire a career change and they have similar reasons why.”

So, what are you supposed to do? Do you sit back and accept defeat because, for so many, changing careers seems like an impossible thing to do? How do you make this bold move successfully and transition into your next endeavor?

Sad to say but, overtime, many jobs transition from something you enjoy doing to simply a source of income. Hey, it happens! Monotony creeps up on you and the less stimulated you feel at work the quicker you’ll start feeling burned out.

“There are many women who have faced this path and understand the reality of changing careers one, two or even three times.”

What are the secrets to jumping into a new career? If you think it’s impossible, think again. Here are a few wise words from women who have done it!

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