How To Avoid Job Search Burnout

How To Avoid Job Search Burnout

Burnout is something humans struggle with on a day-to-day basis through everyday tasks, and especially tasks where you are constantly putting forth effort without seeing any results. Job searching can be very tedious because the end of the search seems like it will never come despite all of your best efforts. Part of the goal for Rise is to help amplify your voice and showcase what makes you unique, making the job hunt stress-free and fun.

It may seem impossible to avoid burnout during the job-hunting process, but we are here to tell you it is possible!

Avoid job search burnout with these tips from others who have been through it.

False Expectations

“Avoid creating false expectations from the beginning: believing that you are going to find the job that you love, with the salary that you want in a couple of days,” said Sofia Mendoza when asked if she has ever gone through burnout in the job-hunting process. “My advice to avoid burnout is to create realistic expectations about the timing and be statistically smart. If you apply for 50 jobs, just 2 or 3 companies are going to call you. It’s not about you or your profile, it’s about timing (before you, 200 or more people may apply, and nobody is going to look at your CV).”

Take It Slow

Dilay Coban Oruc expressed how they’ve struggled with searching for jobs after moving to a different country, because the job market was very foreign to them. “In my case, the first advice would be: taking it slow. There are lots of open positions and almost 30% of them will open again in the first year. So, define your strengths and highlight them, understand what they really need for the position and if it really fits, create a sincere version of your resume or cover letter.”


Make Connections to Avoid Job Search Burnout

“I am currently experiencing burnout and didn’t even know that was what I have been feeling until I saw the question ‘have you ever gone through job search burnout?’ posted in a group I’m in. I think what led my burnout is all of the energy I have given to today’s job searching process. For example, I spend a lot of time filling out different applications and sometimes do not hear back at all. I write and rewrite resumes and cover letters for roles at different companies, reach out to people on LinkedIn and other networking platforms to make a connection and ask for advice on a role and sometimes they do not reach back out because they are busy themselves. It is a combination of all these things that leads to burnout because job searching today requires you to expel so much energy in order to land a job.

It is part of the narrative that in job searching today you are expected to be rejected a hundred times and to make many one-sided connections all in the hopes of eventually and finally getting the job you want,” said Angelique Rojas. “I would say what has helped me is making connections online through LinkedIn and Slack. Make SOLID connections with people, at least 2-3, that are in a position you want to be in or aspire to be in (they don’t have to be in the dream company you are seeking either.) Ask them questions about what they do, what roles they had before this one, who they know, and be curious.”

Have Distractions

Victoria Laliberte, who is currently going through burnout says, “I was recently made redundant and found myself back at square one. The pressure to find somewhere fast because of financial stability is daunting. Perhaps also feeling like I might make the wrong career choice because of this, instead of really taking my time. For example, taking a job offer because I need a job and can’t take the risk, as opposed to being able to decide if that’s even the right move for me.” 

Victoria continued to tell us what helped her during the job searching process to avoid burning out. “Have hobbies that can distract you from this. Your job isn’t your life and you do have an identity without it – explore this and try and find some peace in your outside world. Also having a supportive network around you that can lift you up when you really need it. Everybody can experience burnout in a variety of different ways, it’s important to have non-judgmental friends and family that can make you feel better about the situation and be that emotional strength for you.” 

job search burnout

Burnout can seem daunting, like you are the only person experiencing it. The truth is, job search burnout is something that is a universal struggle most people deal with.. Not having false expectations, taking it slow, making great connections, and having distractions are all significant ways to have a positive experience while searching for jobs. 

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