When Flexible Work is Not Just for Mothers

When Flexible Work is Not Just for Mothers

Top Reasons to Make the Switch

When we envision flexible work-from-home positions, one archetype often comes to mind: a stay-at-home mom. 

Yet that archetype is extremely outdated and tired. While it’s true that many moms work from home, this work environment has now become popular across many fields and industries. 

Flexible work is now available to almost anyone who wants it, and you’ll see these work-from-home warriors hitting their laptops and spreadsheets in more environments than just the home itself.

Who Is Flexible Work For?

There’s a growing population of people who are now looking for more flexible work opportunities. If you don’t need to be onsite, you could probably work from home instead. Just some of these workers include:



Not a lot of people consider the fact that caretakers actually need work-from-home environments. If you’re a caretaker, there’s a good chance you can’t leave the home at all some days. And if you can’t leave home? You can’t work. 

With the rise of more work-from-home options, caretakers have more opportunities. 

Burnout Recoverers

flexible work

Many workers seek flexible work when they’re recuperating from burnout. Instead of taking time off, they simply scale back on their hours and opt to work in a more comfortable environment. Working from home gives you some emotional time and space to recuperate from an endless bout of meetings, deadlines and client calls.

Digital Nomads


One of the most popular growing trends in flexible work is going digital nomad. Digital nomads can work from anywhere. They often travel constantly or simply choose to work in a new location every few months. Many choose to work in areas of the world with inexpensive costs of living. When you make American Dollars, Euros or British Pounds, your money stretches further if you’re living in Bali or Thailand. 

Workers Changing Career Paths


Let’s face it, changing career paths is scary. It’s easier to ease into the shallow end of the job pool then to jump into the deep end right away. Many workers choose to moonlight from home, on the weekends or in their spare time before making a permanent switch. 

Childless Workers

Childless Workers

Do you remember the fallout from that fictional novel “Meternity?” Moms everywhere were horrified that someone would write a book encouraging women to take fake maternity leaves because they needed some time off.

But there is some truth behind the narrative of that story. Parents are constantly given more flexible work schedules in an office setting. 

Your kid is sick? You get to leave early to go pick him up. Need to schedule a parent-teacher night? Looks like you’re not going to be the one burning the midnight oil with the rest of the team.

Flexible work schedules create harmony within teams by allowing everyone the freedom to work when they need to (or even just want to).

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