A World Designed By Women

women designed world

It’s a man’s world, they say. But what if the tables were turned? What if our world was designed for women, by women?

“The world has been designed by men and the standard of measurement for that design was themselves. It’s a huge blindspot; men don’t realize this is an issue because they feel so comfortable in the world.” – Danielle Kayembe

Women represent the largest disruptive force in business. With the increase of successful businesses like The Honest Company, we are experiencing a significant rise of women-centered innovations.

Danielle Kayembe, an entrepreneur who works on projects focused on women and social impact, goes on to say that “everything from buildings, to technology, to advertising — it’s been male decision makers designing products, businesses, experiences and how they’re marketed.”

Shifting the trend

More and more businesses are waking up to the fact that women are making more money than they’ve ever had in human history and they drive just about every economic indicator for business.

As women begin to innovate products based on their own experiences and pain points, what will result is a fundamental shift in consumer buying, belief, and behavior patterns.

The power of women

Researchers estimate that women control 85% of consumer spending in the U.S. alone. Think about it – your average woman not only makes purchases for herself, but also her family and household. When it comes time to purchasing, everything from investments, home and auto, women make 70% of the final decisions for their family.

You could argue that women are the single largest opportunity in the market today. Gradually, companies are designing products and services to address the pain points and needs of women today. As a result, there is a boom in women-centered innovations and entrepreneurs.

A changing landscape

A new atmosphere is developing as these female-founded organizations mature. The result is a wave of women founders and employees who have become the investors and business owners. This could also lead to a new investor class. There is about $14 trillion in capital that is controlled by women. This wave has the potential to convert them from passive to active investors. What a game changer!

In this new era, every woman, by virtue of her lived experience, is now a walking hub of multi-million dollar business ideas.

Women masked their femininity in the workplace for the past 50 years. Due to this new driven economy, anything from menstruation to motherhood, can become a lucrative business idea.

Additionally, Refinery29 asked female designers and architects to imagine what 3 things would look like had they been designed by and for women. Check out these creative illustrations and ideas here.

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